Stoke Green Cricket Club History

The earliest reference to cricket in the parish council records was in 1836 when the Trustees of Stoke Common gave permission for part of the Common to b used as a cricket ground. There was no record that it was actually used a cricket ground or of what facilities, if any, were available until 1879.

The village owes much to the Howard-Vyse family, the owner of Stoke Place in 1879, for leasing part of his land to the Cricket Club and to his grandfather, Richard Howard-Vyse, who helped save the Common from total enclosure in 1810.

In our ever changing society  tradition and established institutions have great value. For Stoke Green Cricket Club nearly 200 years of play is a notable landmark and the Parish of Stoke Poges assures the Club of its continued sport in the future.

Stoke Green have had a successful 4 years since Club Captain, Sukh Dhillon has taken over in 2011. The 1st XI won Div 5 (2011) and gaining promotions from Div 4 (2012) & Div 3 (2013). In the same period, the 2nd XI have been promoted from Div 7 (2012) and won Div 6 (2013) with the most points in the Thames Valley Cricket League.

As of the current season (2019), Stoke Green has 4 teams on a Saturday. 1st XI playing in Div 1, 2nd XI in Div 4 and the 3rd XI in Div 7 and a newly formed 4th XI entering the league in Div 9. We also have a Sunday XI social side who have a fixture each week from April to September

Hon. Life Members:
M. Ahktar, C. Bourne, T.Clegg, A.Cordery, S. Dhillon, R.J. Elderfield, S.J. Holdship, L. Khan, K. Krishnan, B.H. Lill, N. Simpson, N.G. Smelt, R.A. Thompson